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The new medical project of Prof. Gabi Barbash: "The goal - to introduce the service into the insurance policies"


For years, Professor Gabi Barbash has warned about the strengthening of private medicine and its harm to the public, and now he himself is moving to the other side: who was the mythological director of Ichilov, is leading a private medical project. In an exclusive interview, the veteran physician relates to the crisis at Hadassah, analyzes the failures of the system, talks about prevention of hospital acquired infections, and talks about the need to train young leadership in hospitals, the similarity between doctors and pilots. 


The OECD publishes health data (2014) for its member 


As in previous years, the OECD publishes the health data of its 34 member countries. As a result, the Ministry of Health's Strategic and Economic Planning Department publishes the report "The Health System in Israel in the Mirror of the OECD 2014", written by Nir Keidar and Rani Plotnik.


Ministry of Health Reveals: Classification of Hospital Acquired Infections


A report prepared by the Ministry following the  State Comptroller's criticism presents the number of cases of infection in hospitals throughout the country as a result of the introduction of a catheter. At the top of the list are the Rambam, Hillel Yaffe and Hadassah Mount Scopus hospitals, and where have there been zero cases of infection?


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