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 Your Duties and Your Rights when staying in hospital

Patient's Rights Law

The Patient's Rights Law was approved by the Knesset plenum on May 1, 1996. The law is intended to regulate the relationship between people who have had the misfortune and need medical treatment and the doctors and other medical staff, in a way that requires all practitioners.


Medical care partners are medical staff and patient. The concept underlying the Patients' Rights Law is that the patient is an intelligent person who is generally able to insist on his right to receive appropriate medical treatment. This is reflected in the statement in the first paragraph of the law: "This law is intended to determine the rights of a person who seeks medical treatment or receives medical treatment and to protect his dignity and privacy."


The Patients' Rights Law imposed on all the directors of the medical institutions to appoint an employee who would be responsible for the rights of the patients and is responsible for examining and handling all the complaints. A survey conducted by Hadassah Hospital revealed that all the hospitals had a position responsible for the rights of the patients, but they fulfill this function in addition to management or staff positions in their organization. It is proposed to strengthen their independent status in legislation or regulations and to provide them with the means required to fulfill their functions, including the responsibility for training and guidance of medical personnel regarding the protection of patients' rights.

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