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What We Do

Information Campaigns

To keep public motivation through increased awareness to hospital acquired  infection issues, concepts, responsibility and call for action to bring about a significant change in Israel's Healthcare services.


Lectures to the senior community

Because of the physical and cognitive deterioration with age, there are special  safety issues, which characterize the elderly. In order to improve the safety of the senior community ( when visiting  hospitals), Safe Healthcare has developed a special training course, dealing with the main hazards at this age.

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Lectures in the workplaces

Safe Healthcare association  provides lectures on  preventing hospital acquired infections  issues in workplaces, to raise  awareness and to bring about behavioral change. These lectures help create safety consciousness among both employers and employees in the workplace itself as well as in the wider community.

Projects with medical centers

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Safe Healthcare association conducts projects in collaboration with medical centers to raise the awareness of acquired infection prevention. Including production and distribution of animation videos on infection prevention for every patient admitted to the hospital.

Public Advocacy

The Save Healthcare Association sees itself as a representative of the public interest in preventing hospital acquired infections. In this framework, the association will monitor the actions of official and government organizations responsible for public healthcare and will report to the public about the activities as well as alerting them to failures and mishaps.

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Promotion of Legislation

The Association is active in the establishment of the preventing hospital acquired infections lobby in the Knesset.    The association encourages safety legislation in the Knesset, and provides research and data to legislators. It also maintains a regular presence in the Knesset through its lobbyist.


Bereaved Family Forums

Members are families who have lost loved ones because of hospital acquired infections. They have numerous dialog and take joint action  to motivate decision-makers and other interested parties to reduce the unnecessary loss of life, and to raise the struggle against hospital acquired infections to the top of the public agenda.



The research activity is carried out in cooperation with researchers from the Israeli and global academic community in various fields, all related to prevention of hospital acquired infections, and in cooperation with  organizations in Israel dealing with healthcare safety.


Safe Healthcare Events

Special events dedicated to prevention of hospital acquired infections

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